‘The absolute truth’: Jessika backs Ines’ graphic affair claims
March 25, 2019

Ines Basic’s graphic account of what happened between her and Sam Ball has been backed up by another Married At First Sight contestant — despite the tradie continuing to deny things ever got physical between the pair.

Last week a war of words erupted between Ines and Sam after he told a fan on Instagram their secret relationship had been all for the cameras.

Earlier this season Ines and Sam had appeared to spend the night together and cheated on their respective “spouses,” Bronson Norrish and Elizabeth Sobinoff.

The MAFS villains both opted to leave the experiment soon after spending the night together, with Sam deciding to call it quits on his budding relationship with Ines at the same time.

Ines Basic has fired back at Sam Ball’s claims about their relationshipSource:Channel 9

After Sam repeated claims he had been “100 per cent” encouraged to have an affair by producers and it hadn’t been physical, Ines fired back on Instagram with a graphic description of what she alleged went down.

“Yeah. The producers made you … for four hours hun. Yeh OK,” Ines wrote on her Instagram story.

Speaking on hit105 Breakfast with Stav, Abby & Matt on Monday, Jessika Power backed Ines’ claims about Sam.

“Everything she is saying is the absolute truth,” Jessika said.

“Sam is just doing the dirty, I don’t know why, maybe he’s embarrassed, maybe he’s not coping with the hate too much, but own your mistakes.

Cameras were on hand to capture the moment Ines and Sam cheated on their partnersSource:Channel 9

Jessika argued that unlike Sam, she and Dan were “owning our mistakes”.Source:The Courier-Mail

“Dan and I are owning our mistakes and we’re owning our wrongdoing, and he’s not doing that. He’s (Sam) putting it back on acting, and he’s putting it back on producers and he’s saying this didn’t happen and that didn’t happen.

“Just own it Sam.”

Jessika’s comments come as the MAFS villains’ feud continued on social media this weekend, with Sam saying Ines’ claims were, ahem, logistically impossible while taking a swipe at her.

“I would be cut too if someone wanted to not sleep with me on the first night … the camera crew comes straight back in, you’re wearing microphones etc,” Sam wrote, according to a screenshot published by Daily Mail Australia.

But Ines refused to take Sam’s rebuttal lying down, alleging he had switched his microphone off along with another explicit description of what happened between the pair.

It’s safe to say the feud between Ines and Sam doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon — we’ll update this when one of them (inevitably) fires back next.

Married At First Sight continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 9.