Mrs. Claus 'Sexting' Ad Creeps Out Twitter Users (Video)
5:10 PM PST 12/20/2012

The Samsung Galaxy commercial implies Santa’s wife created an intimate video for Christmas Eve.

Has Mrs. Claus been caught in a sexting scandal? 

A suggestive commercial featuring the world-famous North Pole couple has angered at least one conservative group – and inspiring a slew of interesting responses on Twitter as well.

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The ad shows Santa Claus preparing to embark on a night of gift giving, his Samsung Galaxy smartphone in toe. Two elves rush out and deliver a video their boss can watch on his phone. Things get awkward when Mrs. Claus reveals she has also made a video for Santa, and leans in to tell ad “but you probably shouldn’t watch it on the sleigh.”

The implication that Mrs. Claus created some sort of sex tape for Santa drew criticism from the conservative watchdog group NewsBusters, which exhorted Samsung to “leave Santa alone.”

“Perhaps while Santa was busy making toys, Mrs. Claus has been whiling away the North Pole nights reading 50 Shades of Gray, or reaching out to a certain former Democratic congressman from New York?” the site’s Paul Wilson wrote.

Samsung made a similar add earlier this year, with young parents and their two daughters in the roles later replaced with elves and the Claus couple.

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On Twitter, other viewers seemed disturbed, and they expressed their feelings in comical ways. One man tweeted the commercial was “ruining” his childhood while another wrote “Okay now the Samsung Galaxy commercials are gross. No one wants to know Mrs Claus is sexting Santa.”

Others weighed in: 

No way... Samsung Galaxy just threw Santa and Mrs. Clause into the dirty humor.... #stopthat

Ok, Samsung. That cheeky "don't watch this video on the plane" ad was bearable with a normal couple, but Santa & Mrs. Claus? Gross.

Seriously, the Samsung commercial with Mrs.Claus giving Santa a video might be the worst commercial ever. #childhoodruined

Wow Samsung, it was funny the first time but Mrs. Claus and Santa .. Beyond disturbed.. Nightmares for days.

 Watch both ads below to compare.