A group of Russian girls are refusing to leave coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan
February 28, 2020

A group of Russian models trapped in the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan have refused to return home, saying the weather and healthcare system is better in China.

Evy Gavrilioti, Nadezhda Kochetova, Tania and Olesya moved to the industrial city last August, where they signed up to local modelling agencies.

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In early February, as the coronavirus continued to skyrocket and the city was shut down, their agencies closed down and there was no work left for them.

So, naturally, they passed time by posting photos on the desolate streets of Wuhan instead:

In January, Russia closed its land border with China and cancelled all flights between the two countries.

When evacuation was offered, only Nadezhda got on the plane. She spent two weeks behind closed doors upon landing in Moscow.

But despite urgent calls for any foreigners in the mainland to get out, the other three women are staying put and documenting their journey.

Evy posted a similar photo of herself on a deserted Wuhan street:

Another snap, captioned “Every day is a rainy virus day”, suggests she is stuck indoors. Thankfully she has a series of elegant desserts to get her through:

In another, she poses uncomfortably across the road from a Chinese building:

… and here she is sprawled in a mailroom for some reason. Are we even still in China? Who knows:

The coronavirus has infected over 83,000 people worldwide, with 78,824 cases in China, and 2788 deaths.

The number of coronavirus cases in the mainland accounts for around 98 per cent of total cases, prompting many countries to issue travel bans to and from there.

But despite this, the girls think staying put is preferable to going home.

“At least China is a more developed country,” Evy told The Daily Beast. “Chinese doctors know how to treat coronavirus, so we thought we would be better off here than quarantined in some Soviet sanatorium.”

Many of those quarantined in different Russian hospitals have made headlines after complaining about dire conditions of isolation rooms and lack of co-operation from doctors, uncertain about quarantine protocols.

But a month into the lockdown, these women – who do not speak Mandarin Chinese – are virtually trapped indoors.

They said finding supplies was getting harder, adding that they were running short of bottled water.

“Until recently we could go shopping at a local supermarket three times a week, but today our security guard refused to let us out,” Evy said. “We have some chicken and eggs in the fridge but we are running out of bottled water.”

The women now say they are getting hateful comments on social media from Russians who don’t want them to come home.

Nadia said her friends who were evacuated from Wuhan with her have received death threats.